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Free Download PHP Event Calendar V1.5

  • Posted: 10/11/2009 06:50:00 pm
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  • Author: Java[at]Saindra
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  • Filed under: application, web

PHP Event Calendar is an easy to use event calendar script which can be used on all your websites and web pages. There are unlimited amount of style combinations - you can change everything - size, colors, fonts, borders, date and time formats, week starting days. Once installed on your website with a single copy and paste you can put it on any of your website pages. You can have a calendar on your website within minutes!

This is my first post sharing some of my files - so take it easy Cheesy

I personally ripped this script, all of the files are encoded, but it works 100% (I have it installed on a number of sites that I run)



NB: Files are available in RAR format with passwords. If you want to know the password, please comment on this blog and leave your email address. I will send your password to your email address.

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